Seals of metal for plastic strapping

Seals for PP and PET strapping

Please note upfront that a seal must always fit with the strapping tool in use - not with the strap. Hence, the logic should be as follows: the packaging good determines the required breaking strength and thus the strap. The strap - and the frequency of use - determines the required strapping tool. And the strapping tool - if it is not a sealless one - finally determines the necessary seal.

A special type of seal for plastic strap are plastic buckles. They are intended for use by hand - hence, it is the only kind of seal where no strapping tool is required. They are mainly used in combination with PP strapping in dispenser boxes as none of them needs any kind of tool - no tensioner, no sealer and no strapping dispenser, making them especially attractive for mobile (transportation companies, booth builders etc.) and temporary use (as no big investment is required).

The most common type of plastic strapping seal are metal seals with the dimensions 13x28x0.6 mm for 13 mm strap width and 16x28x0.6 mm for 16 mm strap width. For optimized system strength, surface of those seals can be studded. These seals are mainly used with the combination of tensioner and sealer and with combination strapping tools - where sealer and tensioner are integrated in a single tool - like PPKOM-13 or PPKOM-16 from LINSTRAP.

Also very common are the so-called toothed seals for Orgapack single lever tensioner and for LINSTRAP LS-44 tool. As 13 mm version those seals have the dimensions 13x30x0.7 mm, as 16 mm version 16x30x1.0 mm. All other seal types do not work with these tools and would destroy them!