Polyester textile strapping

Besides PET strapping polyester textile strapping represents an attractive alternative to steel strapping: They also have high breaking strengths, but are a lot cheaper without bearing the risk of damaging the packaged good due to rust or sharp edges. If a lot of strapping cycles are done per day, PET strapping is preferable to polyester textile strapping as battery-powered strapping tools allow for higher efficiency in the strapping process. In contrast, those who do less frequent strapping cycles per day should take polyester textile strapping as there is no need to invest in a quite expensive battery-powered strapping tool. Under "polyester textile strapping" can be subsumed the following types of strap: hot melt polyester strapping, woven strapping and composite strapping (polyester yarns are PP coated).

Unlike other types of strap, polyester textile strapping allow re-tensioning of the strap. That is a significant advantage for strapping of all packaging goods that lose volume over time - like wood that dries, for example.