Polyester yarn structure band as hot melt strapping

Polyester textile strapping Hot Melt

Polyester textile strapping as hot melt version consists of polyester yarns that are hot melt. Depending on the strap width and thus on the number of yarns per strap, breaking strength can be 390 kg for a 13 mm strap and up to 1,400 kg for a 35 mm strap. Due to the hot melt, this type of strap feels like waxed and results in an optimized system strength when used with galvanized metal buckles . Polyester hot melt strapping is suitable for various applications - especially when high breaking strength are required but PET strapping cannot be used - either due to high investment costs for battery-powered strapping tools or due to too small surfaces (= round packaging goods). Only when packaging goods have sharp edges, woven or composite polyester strapping should be used.

Hot melt polyester strapping can be considered as standard and also cheapest version of textile strapping. They can be used for almost every kind of packaging good as long as they do not have sharp edges and are not hot when being strapped.

Type Strap width
Breaking strength
Length per coil
Core ID
WG40 13 390 1100 76 2
WG50 16 450 850 76 2
WG55 16 600 600 76 2
WG60 19 550 600 76 2
WG65 19 770 500 76 2
WG85 25 1050 500 76 2
WG100 35 1500 150 Discs 7

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