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Founded as partnership W+B Linder, our company started in 1950 as specialist for steel wire and wire products. In the very beginning, bottle stands for the beverage industry were brought to market - being replaced later on by plastic boxes. Bottle stands were followed by cardboard stitching wire - at first in small rings, later in up to 1,000 kg coils.

The quite rough carton stitching wire was one, the fine bookbinding wire the other field of activity in that time. The sale of binding wire, used for securing parcels, can also be considered as starting point of our activities in the strapping business that became our biggest pillar in our product portfolio quite quickly.

Later on, packaging wire was replaced by PP strapping, representing the nucleus of the plastic strapping specialist LINSTRAP. PET strapping were added subsequently and made replacement of steel strapping in many industries possible for the first time. PET strapping has the advantage of being less expensive (~ 60% less than steel strapping) without the risk of damaging the packaging good due to corrosion or sharp edges. In addition to extruded plastic strapping, polyester textile strapping also became part of the product programme – at first only as hot melt strapping, later on as woven and composite strapping as well.

As consequent further development of woven strapping, LINSTRAP added one-way lashing belts to its product range. That kind of lashing is mainly used by export packaging companies. With the Lash HD, a lashing tensioner was launched setting new standards in terms of possible tension force, massiveness and price.

In 2011, SeeveTEC joined us as specialist for strapping machines, carton sealers and erectors as well as conveyor technic. SeeveTEC started as small engineering office, they designed packaging machines for other companies and started producing under their own brand in 2009. Thanks to a European network of technicians, a 24h service can be offered to all clients buying directly from SeeveTEC.

Your partner for Strapping, binding and stitching.

After the foundation of W&B Linder in 1950, the renaming in Draht-LINDER Seevetal in the year 1991, now in 2011 we see the big merger of Draht-Linder, LINSTRAP and SeeveTEC to the new entitiy "LINDER GmbH - The Strapping Manufacturer", that will move in the new company buildings in Seevetal in the same year: With our new central warehouse with more than 5,000 m², we make sure that our customers will get their goods even faster and more flexible than today. We are looking forward to being your reliable partner also for the next 60 years in the field of "strapping - binding - stitching"!


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